How to RemoveGrape Juice Stains From Carpets

Kids are incredibly good at spilling fruit juice on the carpet. These types of stains need immediate attention before they become more difficult dried-in stains. Luckily, Resolve® can help remove grape juice stains no matter how long your kids try to hide it from you!

For the best results, follow the instructions on Resolve® Carpet Stain Remover to quickly and easily remove fruit juice stains.

Using Resolve®

Do not let the stain dry if at all possible! Treat the stain as soon as possible to avoid it drying into the carpet.

  • As soon as you see the stain, put cold water on a cloth and scrub the stain on your carpet. Leave it to dry.

  • Blot with paper towel immediately and use Resolve® Carpet Stain Remover as soon as possible. Be careful not to spread the stain. 

  • When spraying Resolve®, make sure to blot rather than rub. Repeat as necessary.