How to RemoveGround-In Dirt Stains From Carpets

The longer you have your carpet, the older it can look. What was once a clean-looking carpet now seems to have been taken over by ground-in dirt. Don’t start looking to replace it, Resolve® can show you how to easily remove ground-in dirt that won't disappear with vacuuming alone.

For the best results, follow the instructions on Resolve® High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam to quickly and easily remove ground-in dirt stains.

Using Resolve®

Treat the stain while still fresh if possible.

  • Vacuum first! You'll want to clear the area of loose pieces of dirt for a more effective cleaning.

  • Before using Resolve® High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam, shake the can well. Hold the can upside down about 2 feet above the carpet. Spray foam evenly over a 3 square foot area.

  • When dry, vacuum thoroughly to remove dried foam and loosened dirt.