How to RemoveDog Smell from Carpet

There are few physical sensations worse than stepping in a puddle that shouldn’t be there. Or, smelling the dog’s misdeed and wondering where it could be hiding. But you love your pup and sometimes accidents happen.

Even when they do their business outside, sometimes man’s best friend gets that particular “dog smell” that seems to cling to everything. Not to worry: we can help you get rid of dog smells, whether it’s naughty dog or just wet dog odor. Knowing how to treat your carpet when stains happen will help it look better and last longer. 

Resolve® Pet Stain Remover For Carpet is formulated to eliminate pet odors, freshen with a light scent, discourage pet resoiling and is safe around pets and kids (it also works on other stains like bacon grease and red wine). With Resolve®, getting rid of that dog smell is simple.

Remove dog smells caused by feces, urine and vomit quickly and easily, so you can go back to enjoying your four-legged friend’s company!

Learn How to Remove Dog Smell from Carpet


If the accident has just happened:

  • Use rags or layered paper towels to blot the spot. You may want to step on the layers to soak up as much dampness as possible
  • Do not rub or scrub at the stain

If the accident happened a while ago:

  • Clean up as best you can without scrubbing at the carpet
    • Spray the soiled area and wait 3 minutes
    • Blot or rub gently with a clean, damp, colorfast cloth or sponge


  • Ammonia, vinegar, or other strong smelling solutions: strong odors might make pets feel the need to re-mark their turf. Resolve® Pet Stain Remover For Carpet removes odors without encouraging pets to resoil.