How to RemoveButter Stains From Clothing

Butter often causes stains without you even realizing it, and if they're not treated quickly, they can become problematic. But butter stains are no reason to panic. Resolve® can show you how to effectively get rid of those annoying butter stains.

For the best results, follow the instructions on Resolve® MAX™ Trigger to quickly and easily remove butter stains.

Using Resolve®

Act fast! The longer you wait the harder it will be to get the stain fully out.

  • Remove excess solid, making sure not to spread the stain, then rinse with warmest water allowed according to garment label.

  • Using club soda blot out as much sauce as possible with a damp cloth or paper towel. Blot, don't smear!

  • As soon as you can, spray the stained area with Resolve® MAX™ Trigger, covering it completely.

  • Wait up to 5 minutes before rubbing into the stain.

  • Wash according to care label instructions in the warmest water recommended.