How to RemoveChocolate Stains From Clothing

We all love chocolate, we just hate the stains it can cause! Don't panic though. If you have Resolve® in your household, getting chocolate stains out of clothing is simple. Just follow our instructions below for fast results.

For the best results, follow the instructions on Resolve® MAX™ Power Gel to easily remove chocolate stains.

Using Resolve®

Often a chocolate stain may leave a faint oily mark if removed without a detergent product. Do not rub and make sure to check for this before drying the stained item as these marks can be very difficult to remove.

  • Remove as much chocolate as possible with a knife or spoon, being careful not to spread it further.

  • Rinse with cold water from behind the stain so the stain doesn't have to travel through the fabric to be washed out.

  • Gently rub in some soap to the damp chocolate stained area and dab with a damp cloth to break up the stain.

  • Use clean water to rinse and then blot as much fluid out of the stained area as possible with a clean cloth or napkin.

  • As soon as you can, apply Resolve® All-Stains to the stain, making sure to squeeze both chambers of the bottle equally so that both liquids release evenly.

  • Wait no more than 5 minutes.

  • Wash immediately according to care label instructions. If the stain doesn't come out the first time, treat again and put it through another wash before putting in dryer.