How to RemoveMotor Oil Stains From Clothing

Car grease and motor oil stains can be tricky because these items tend to have a thick consistency and dark colors. Depending on the type of material and how long the stain has been sitting, removing the stain completely can be a challenge. Many people throw away clothing affected by car grease and motor oil stains. Fortunately Resolve® can help in effectively removing car grease and motor oil stains.

For the best results, follow the instructions on Resolve® MAX™ Trigger to effectively remove motor oil and car grease stains.

Using Resolve®

  • Treat the stain immediately with hot water. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to remove.

  • Scrape as much car grease or motor oil off as possible with a spoon, being careful not to press the stain too hard.

  • Blot the grease stain with a paper towel, using a lifting motion until no more of the stain comes off on the paper towel.

  • As soon as you can, spray the stained area with Resolve® MAX™ Trigger, covering it completely.

  • Wait up to 5 minutes before rubbing into the stain.

  • Wash according to care label instructions in the warmest water recommended. Repeat as necessary.