How to RemoveRing Around Collar and Cuff Stains From Clothing

Having a favorite shirt can take its toll - on your favorite shirt. Whether it's an important meeting, a hot day or just a long one, that shirt will end up with a ring around the collar. But don't worry, Resolve® has the products and the know-how to remove collar and cuff stains easily.

For the best results, follow the instructions on Resolve® MAX™ Trigger to easily remove ring around the collar and cuff stains.

Using Resolve®

Act fast! The longer you wait the harder it will be to get the stain fully out.

  • As soon as you can, soak the garment for an hour in warm water.

  • As soon as you can, spray the stained area with Resolve® MAX™ Trigger, covering it completely.

  • Wait up to 5 minutes before rubbing into the stain.

  • Wash according to care label instructions in the warmest water recommended.