Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner

Are you looking to deep clean a carpet without getting on your hands and knees?

Resolve Easy Clean

Resolve® Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner is designed with you in mind. Easy Clean Pro makes it easy to deep clean the most frequently used carpets in your home.

  • Convenient and easy-to-use dispensing trigger, user-friendly, improved ergonomic handle and upright brush make cleaning easier.
  • New and improved formula foam now removes 100% more dirt and deodorizes high traffic areas like hallways, stairs, area rugs and more. 
  • Cleans and protects against dirt and future soils.
  • System contains 22 oz Resolve® High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam and Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner.
Using Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner

Assembly Instructions

  • Press red button and click together four stick segments, trigger handle, and brush-head. Button will pop up to ensure firmly connected.

  • Remove cap from Easy Clean Pro 22 oz can. Shake the can vigorously before each use. If the can is already in the gadget, remove and shake again.

  • Insert Resolve® High Traffic Foam into the gadget and rotate clockwise until it gently clicks into the locked position.

How To Use

Resolve® Easy Clean Pro Carpet Cleaner is safe to use on wool, nylon and stain-resistant carpet. Not recommended for use on velvet, silk, vinyl, or leather. Do not use on any surface other than carpets.

  • Before Cleaning:

    Vacuum carpet. Test a hidden area for colorfastness, examine when dry. If color is affected do not use. 

  • Large Area:

    Shake can well. Hold can upside down 2 feet above carpet. Spray foam over a 3 square foot area. Using a mop, work foam into the carpet in two directions. Repeat until the area is cleaned. When dry, vacuum thoroughly.

  • Self-Cleaning:

    Shake can well before and during use. Hold can upside down 2 feet above carpet. Spray lightly (the carpet color should show through). Allow 15 minutes. Drying time may vary. When dry, vacuum thoroughly.

  • Upholstery Cleaning:

    Look for fabric manufacturer’s cleanability code tag. ONLY use on fabrics coded “WS” or “W." Blot wet soils with a clean cloth. Shake can well and apply directly to stain 4-6 inches away. Allow to absorb for 3 minutes. Gently blot area with a sponge or cloth. Rub gently if required. Do not overwet fabrics.

    Hint: To avoid rings, clean the entire section where soil occurs. Allow fabric to dry thoroughly.

After Use Instructions

  • To remove the can, rotate counter-clockwise into the unlocked position and gently pull upwards. Replace cap on can for standard use.

  • To clean the gadget after use, rinse the bristles and brush-head and let dry.

Watch Our Commercial to See How It Works

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