Pet Stain Remover for Carpet

Make peace between your pets and your carpet.

Resolve Stain Remover Pet

Resolve® Pet Stain Remover for Carpet is specially formulated to lift and remove tough ground-in dirt, messes and odors left behind by pets. Removes tough pet stains like urine, vomit, and feces from rugs and carpets.

With Odor Stop® Technology:

  • Eliminates pet odors.
  • Freshens with a light, clean scent.
  • Discourages pet resoiling.
  • Also works great on everyday stains like red wine, grape juice, and greasy food. 
  • Safe to use around pets and kids.
Using Pet Stain Remover for Carpet

How To Use

  • Test a hidden section of carpet for colorfastness. Allow test area to dry completely and observe for any color change.

  • Remove solid residue and blot up excess moisture with a clean, colorfast cloth or sponge.

  • Spray area with Resolve® Pet Stain Remover for Carpet. Wait five minutes.

  • Blot or rub gently with a clean, damp, colorfast cloth or sponge. Rinse, repeat until carpet is clean as necessary.

Keep children, pets from sprayed area until dry.