Gold Pre Treat - Trigger

The new Resolve® Gold Pre Treat eliminates tough stains. See it work in just 30 seconds!

Resolve Laundry Spraynwash Gold 400X600
  • Our amazing stain removal formula penetrates and loosens stains, the 1st time.
  • Just spray and wash. With the power of Resolve®, you can fight even the toughest stains.  
  • Available in 22 oz trigger and 60 oz refill.                                                                                                                       


Using Gold Pre Treat - Trigger

How To Use

  • Turn nozzle to “on” position.

  • Spray onto the stain, covering it completely.

  • Wait 5 minutes.

  • Rub into stain.

  • Wash according to care label instructions in the warmest water recommended.

Watch Our Video to See How It Works

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