General Questions

1. What are the universal fabric codes?

Furniture is coded using the following symbols which refer to solubility of the dyes in the upholstery fabric:

S = dyes stable in solvent only
W = dyes stable in water only
W/S = dyes stable in water and solvent
X = dyes are not stable at all

2. Can Resolve® products be used in homes with children and pets?

Yes. Children and pets should remain off the treated area until thoroughly dry and vacuumed.

3. Can product be used to clean a stain that another carpet cleaner did not remove?

Yes, but it is important to ensure that the area has been thoroughly rinsed and vacuumed to remove all of the other cleaner prior to using product.

4. What is the shelf life of Resolve product?

2 years

5. Will Resolve Pet products prevent my pet from remarking? How?

Yes, Resolve contains a fragrance designed with specific notes to repel and discourage pets from remarketing the same area.