Dirty Dogs and Carpet Stains

Known affectionately in the western world as a “man’s best friend”, dogs are loyal companions. Energetic, playful and in need of regular walks and interaction, dogs encourage their owners to stay active. As wonderful as dogs are to own as pets, they have a unique habit of making a mess inside the home and, from time-to-time, can leave a trail of destruction on your carpet. Whether this is because they’ve brought the park inside with them or they’ve gotten a little over excited, even the best-behaved dogs can cause nasty carpet stains.
Here’s a list of the three most common dog related carpet stains with tips on how you can treat them quickly and effectively with Resolve®.


Mud stains

A difficult stain to remove all traces of, mud stains can have a big impact on the appearance of your home, especially if you have light colored carpets or rugs. With the help of an enthusiastic dog fresh from a walk on a rainy day, pet owners can quickly discover that their tidy home is suddenly covered in muddy paw prints.
Follow these steps to prevent stains from becoming embedded in your carpet:
Once mud has hardened take a brush and gently remove as many flakes as possible. Next, to combat the stain that’s left behind, try Resolve® Pet Expert Spot & Stain Remover, which will work to remove tough stains from your carpet first time round.
It’s easy to use; spray the liquid onto your carpet stain, rub gently and leave for up to five minutes before washing as normal. If you have a particularly stubborn stain, repeat these steps until your stain disappears.

Feces and urine stains

An unpleasant occurrence that’s particularly common is accidents inside the house, usually caused by puppies going to the toilet in places they shouldn’t! When dealing with such a mess on your carpet, stains have to be treated as soon as possible. Start by removing anything that’s visible on the surface and blot the affected area with a wet paper towel to prevent it from setting.
With the help of a spray such as Resolve® Urine Destroyer, you’ll be able to remove any residue and treat the stain. The formula even prevents your dog fouling in the same place, so no more surprises left hidden behind the sofa!


Just like humans, dogs shed and can often leave swathes of hair around the house. Particular breeds of dog such as German Shepherds, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers and Pugs tend to shed the most hair. While this isn’t so problematic on hardwood floors that are easily swept, on carpet it’s a different matter.
For a foolproof method of removing dog hair, firstly use a rubber broom. The rubber bristles will use static electricity to attract even the most stubborn hairs. If you can’t find a rubber broom, a stiff bristled brush or rug rake will work equally well.
Once all of the hair has been removed, it is important to treat the area with Resolve® Pet Expert High Traffic Foam. Simply spray over the area that needs to be treated, working the foam into the carpet using a clean, damp cloth. Allow 15 minutes for the foam to loosen dirt and dry. When dry, vacuum thoroughly.

Even though dogs can make unpleasant stains or leave a mess on your carpet from time-to-time, with Resolve® stain removal products, it’s easy to forgive them.